Along with daily social media activities, managing weekly and monthly tasks are important to stay on track with your social media strategy.

Manage your time wisely with these weekly and monthly social media tasks:


Plan for the week ahead

Whether you manage your business’s social media accounts on your own or as part of a team, take the time to brainstorm tactics, schedule upcoming events and collect any artwork or links that you may need to post the following week.

Run analytics

Whether you manage your social media accounts on their own or through a unified platform such as Hootsuite, run a weekly analysis on all your platforms. Find out what content resonates with your audience and which social media platform performs the best, then use that data to influence your future efforts.

Stay informed

In case a daily social media news check-in is not possible – a weekly search is perfectly acceptable. We are referring to reading about new network features and platforms that may benefit your company or simply be of interest to you.


Attend events

It is important to take your social media efforts outside of the office by attending a few industry events and being social. Most events will have social media integration so attendees can participate in live online chats or share interesting and relevant information from the event with those who could not attend.

Collaborate with colleagues

Even if you manage your social media accounts on your own, a collaboration or brainstorm with colleagues can help your business achieve its social media goals and objectives. Social media management should never be done in a silo.

Set objectives

Mentions, clicks, new followers and post impressions can all be measured. Assess last month’s analytics and set new goals for the month ahead – and then strive to achieve those goals.

How does your business manage social media? Leave a comment below.