There is no magic formula for posting frequency on any social network. The science in posting is subjective. Only posting and measuring will test the theory of when it’s best, for your business, to post throughout the day.


According to Buffer Social, three is the magic number of tweets to send per day. However, a good rule of thumb is to aim for four to five posts, on average, per day.

Focus on providing valuable tweets to your audience: sharing articles, insights, and images that provide value to your followers.


If you’re going to be live-tweeting or posting more than the average amount, alert your followers beforehand.

Twitter chat

Participation in a Twitter chat is no different, the excessive amount of tweets may perplex your followers – warn them ahead of time.

If you’re new at Twitter, test the waters to see what will resonate with your followers. Engagement leads to results, which leads to business growth.

What has worked for your account in the past? Comment below to start the conversation.