Marcel Bruins

Marcel Bruins completed his studies in plant breeding and plant pathology at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands in 1989.  Based on the research he did in Fusarium resistance in wheat at Plant Research International, he was awarded a PhD in 1998. After his study he was responsible for the patent portfolio of a large public research institute for a number of years and then worked in Rotterdam at the Innovation Center for Inventions where he was active in the commercial aspects of agricultural and biotechnology inventions.

In 1998 he joined the breeding company Seminis Vegetable Seeds where he was manager Plant Variety Protection WW but also worked on other aspects of intellectual property, like patents and trademarks.

During this period he was a member of several international committees in organizations like the European Seed Association (ESA), the Dutch Seed Association (Plantum) and the International Seed Federation (ISF). He has been chairing several of these committees.

Marcel Bruins was hired at ISF for the position of Secretary-General in 2007. He guided the ISF into the modern era of communication, and greatly increased the service to its members. He brought in many new members and under his leadership, in total 15 new positions papers were unanimously adopted. After seven successful years at ISF, he started as an independent consultant. He has been helping profit and non-profit organizations with their questions on the seed industry and their ever increasing regulations, plant breeding, plant breeders rights, intellectual property, trade facilitation and international outreach.

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