Ewa Józefowicz Amador

Passionate about the science of language, its connection with the way we communicate and its impact on our daily decision-making, Ewa helps Seed World Group to create effective communication and marketing strategies for their CREATE clients from the seed industry all over the world. 

Ewa graduated from the Department of English Philology (M.A.) at Wroclaw University (WSF). In addition, she holds a specialization degree in Food Security: Assessment and Action from UOC in Spain. For a number of years, she worked for the Seed Agency in Poland (Agencja Nasienna) as the Manager of Foreign Affairs. This work included cooperation with the European Commission as part of the TAIEX program (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument of the EC supporting public administrations with regard to the approximation, application and enforcement of EU legislation) and conduction of numerous workshops for the Ministries of Agriculture and other official institutions in Serbia, Romania and Moldova in the field of PVP, PBRs and IP. She continued developing her passion, strength and focus around the seed sector working as the Manager Project Communications and Membership Relations in Euroseeds, where she continues to contribute to their team while working with Seed World Group. 

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