Our story

As we race to feed a growing population, now more than ever, it’s an exciting time to be engaged in the agriculture and seed industries. On the forefront of innovation and forward thinking, this sector is undergoing many changes.

As storytellers and marketers, we strive to champion agriculture by engaging our audiences — tackling tough issues, filling in information gaps, bringing people together, responding to misguided perceptions and telling success stories about seed and agriculture with pride, passion and accuracy. We are proud to count ourselves as part of this hard-working group of individuals and as an AGvocate for both our local and global ag communities.

With 25 years in the industry we have experience in many facets of the agriculture sector, but we’ve always stayed rooted in the seed industry. As we write the next chapter in our company, the relationships we’ve built in our niche market with associations, educators, regulators and companies around the globe will serve our customers and us well. We understand the balancing act of staying current in the ever-changing marketing communications landscape, and the need to choose the right mediums to help stay connected with our audience.

We’ve built our team with this in mind. Our experience and expertise are both broad and specialized, and our teams continually challenge themselves to grow and learn to better serve our customers. That said we know it’s good to have “a guy”, and that’s why we formed strategic partnerships with complementary companies to support the work – projects both big and small – we do with our customers. We’ve integrated these partners into our business process to ensure the service you receive is seamless and we bring the seed and agriculture know-how to the table to ensure you get the best possible solutions.

Communications for a growing world

Our business has been built on this tagline for 25 years. It is our touchstone for the new ideas we explore and the work we do. Our mission statement has shifted over the years as our company has evolved but this tagline has always rung true. Our business is communications – both print and digital focused – and our audience is you the growing world of seed and agriculture industry professionals, regulators, educators and farmers.

Media Brands

Issues Ink Media is comprised of eight media properties and their numerous digital and print offerings. With highly sought after issues-based content, our audiences trust our media brands to deliver relevant industry information and insights for their business.

Content Lab

At the heart of Create by Issues Ink is its Content Lab. Our Content Lab can help you amplify your story – in both digital and print mediums – by helping you craft, curate and deploy relevant and engaging content to your customers.