Overwhelming evidence, such as the recent Q2 report from IgnitionOne, proves that online display advertising is more effective than ever.

Q2 continues strong trends for digital advertising with paid search continuing to climb, up 22% in spend year over year. Programmatic advertising – the automation of the buying, placement, and optimisation of display advertising – is up 33% in spend.

That said, here’s proof that display advertising is alive and well, and will never die.

Native Advertising is Revolutionary

Typical display advertising includes standard banners and medium rectangles, but also includes innovative new forms such as native and digital video advertising.

Native advertising, including that seen on most social media networks, is a kind of display advertising that takes the form of posts and stories and is a subset of content marketing.

A Business Insider report says that by 2018, native advertising will exceed $20 billion, with $11.9 billion predicted revenue in social media alone.

Mobile Display has Grown

Over the last five years, mobile advertising has grown at an annual rate of 110 percent, exceeding $12.5 billion in 2014 – according to this IAB internet advertising revenue report.

The mobile display advertising industry has grown from the typical medium rectangle-shaped ad (though the format is still seen), to more creative and elaborate ads.

Display Works

Marketers continue to increase their spending on display advertising – and that’s because it works. It is predicted to overtake television by 2020, according to a recent report.

Digital display advertising is working for marketers across the purchase funnel, from increasing awareness, desire, and demand, to enhancing engagement, and ultimately to driving conversions.

There is an overwhelming movement to expand the pool of available inventory – beyond leaderboards and medium rectangles – and making it all a form of formatted display.

Digital display advertising is growing – we are witnessing the beginning of a renaissance, powered by advances in native, in-feed digital video and mobile.

The next epoch of display advertising is delivering even greater performance for marketers. Marketers are capitalizing on moving into the reader’s natural activity stream by using sight, sound, and motion-based content.