Your audience is in multiple places. A potential buyer uses different social networks, visits various news sites, reads the newspaper or a particular IT magazine, and uses certain apps or multiple devices to connect to the internet.

A search engine isn’t the only thing your audience uses, so why stick with search PPC ads to reach your target audience?

Why not go beyond it?

You have to be everywhere your target audience is. This is the reason why businesses and marketers use multi-channel campaigns for success.

What is a multi-channel marketing?
According to HubSpot, multi-channel marketing is defined as reaching your target through different channels both online and offline.

Instead of running a single campaign, you run multiple campaigns across multiple channels to reach your target audience. This doesn’t just include online marketing channels, but also includes offline and traditional channels such as TV, print, flyers, billboards, and more.

A perfect multi-channel campaign provides your audience with an exceptional experience as it moves from one channel to another.

So why you should really care about creating multi-channel campaigns?

High response rate
Multi-channel campaigns outperform single-channel campaigns. Optimove conducted an experiment to analyze response rates between multi-channel and single-channel campaigns across multiple channels.

Multi-channel campaigns received 14% response rate as opposed to single-channel campaigns that only received 10.2%.

So make sure you use all the channels at your disposal when launching a marketing campaign. If you are everywhere your audience is, your message will surely be heard.