Our team has been fortunate to have experiences in business that extend far beyond our office walls. In our industry, trade shows and conferences gather professionals of all ranks to a central location – extracting any kind of information and education that they can from meetings and exhibitors, only to return to the office with more perspective.

In earlier years, live-tweeting such events was not at the forefront of our marketing – that is, until the Seed Marketers decided to make it a strategy.

Follower engagement helps build relationships and live-tweeting at events may put you in touch with other attendees, industry movers, and potential clients. Furthermore, live-tweeting that you are in attendance at events may prompt real-life interaction. Enjoy technology as you might, but there’s nothing better than face-to-face interaction.

At the very least, your company will be front-and-centre in the Twittersphere and as a result will have the ability to communicate educational, or otherwise interesting, information about the event, its sessions, and/or networking opportunities.

That said, here are some live-tweeting tips that you can take with you to the next conference or trade show.

Know the Event #Hashtag Before Attending [#agdays15]

Most events will have a dedicated hashtag. Check their website before the event, and inform all the parties in your organization who will be attending the event so that they, too, can interact with followers.

Research Speakers’ Twitter Handles in Advance

When planning the sessions that you will attend, take a quick second to find the speaker’s Twitter handle – it allows you to mention the speaker when tweeting from their session.

Pre-Tweet to Let People Know

A good rule of thumb before an event is to let your followers know what is about to happen, and where you will be. Those who cannot attend the event, and may have a particular interest, will be eager to read your tweets. For your followers who are in attendance, it will be a good time to connect with them.

Correctly Quote Speakers

A well-chosen quote can convey the essence of the talk to people who are listening in online.

Tweet Fascinating Visual Content

Events will often have interesting and visually appealing exhibitors and exhibits – capture the moment, even if it’s just on your phone.

Continue tweeting after the event

Once the event is over, the tweeting doesn’t have to stop. Mention that you’ve been to the event, and you may also want to provide a review.

Your first live-tweeting experience may be a learning curve. Take time to reflect on the experience, review your engagement, and take notes for the future.

Have you live-tweeted an event before? Comment below to start the conversation.