LinkedIn, while it is considered a social media network, is different than any other social network on the market today. Etiquette on LinkedIn is not as complicated as some may perceive it to be — first and foremost, you must understand the objective of the network. You may, in fact, be breaking some LinkedIn etiquette rules already.

These rules are rarely spoken; they are implemented throughout members’ accounts.

There is a library full of articles that detail etiquette for any social media network — today we’ve selected the Top 5 etiquette rules for LinkedIn.

Accept Invitations Immediately

Like any social media network, response time is vitally important to a successful presence. A prompt acceptance of LinkedIn invitations makes it clear that you’re on top of things. Be ready for it.

Customize Your Invitation Messages

LinkedIn provides a pre-fabricated message as a courtesy to its members. We suggest that you make that message unique to the receiver — an indicator that you are a real person, not a robot. This strengthens relationships with connections — your social first impression. Navigate through an individual’s page to connect with them there. In doing so, you can customize your invitation appropriately.

Post Frequently

The LinkedIn news feed can become cluttered. It is suggested to post only once a day. LinkedIn is not Twitter or Facebook.

Give and Ask for Endorsements

Be unique, specific, and meaningful with endorsements that you give to other members. A specific endorsement tells a story of the individual’s particular skills that are relevant to their industry. Making your endorsement meaningful means that you should draw on your personal experience with the individual.

That said, asking for endorsements from connections that you know builds your profile’s credibility. Asking for endorsements must be strategic and based on your skills, but only ask for them from people that you know.

Have a Professional Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the first thing that people see when they visit your LinkedIn page. It may be worth getting a professional profile photo taken.

Remember, LinkedIn is unlike any other social media network. It is where people do business — keep it professional and valuable for yourself and your company, but also for your connections.