Creating enticing, engaging digital display ads that get results is not complicated, but there are some rules you must follow to set them up for success.

Keep it Clean

The market for display ads is saturated. To stand out from the crowd, your creative must have the following components:

  • Efficient white space;
  • Branding colors;
  • Strong call to action; and
  • Valuable text information.

Select Static or Dynamic

Dynamic and static display ads drive traffic and can increase website traffic. With that, the average person spends two to three seconds before deciding to click on the ad.

Ensure Consistency

The banner ad’s design must match your landing page’s background — this creates a sense of continuity and consistency in the campaign.


Banner ads come in different sizes — evaluate what may work best for your company and your message.

Stand Out

Don’t be afraid to be creative. Your tagline or headline is your ad’s pickup line — be creative to encourage people to click on your ad. Complete your thought sequence on your landing page.

Write Enticing Copy

Along with a catchy headline, conveying a strong, yet descriptive value proposition on your digital ad is important — tell your prospects what they will be getting by clicking on your ad.

Clear Call-to-Action

By far the most important aspect of your digital ad, a call-to-action requires catchy copy and should be consistent with your landing page. Work closely with your designer, who will be able to provide you with character or word count.

Be Specific

Focus on clarity in your message, rather than communicating everything about your business. Be specific.

Add Brand Identity

Don’t assume that your prospective customers will know what company’s ad they are looking at — add your brand logo.


Target a publisher with the same audience. Digital advertising also has the power to be geographically targeted within that publisher’s page, should you only do business in certain areas of the country.