Google Adwords, which can be part of a search engine marketing (SEM) strategy, has been around for over a decade. Still, there can be some confusion around the benefit of using this form of marketing.

Below are eight reasons that SEM should be part of a well-balanced marketing campaign.

  1. SEM is considered modern market research
    SEM reports are one of the best sources of keyword research. Since Google ceased sharing the majority of organic keyword statistics within Google Analytics in 2013, Google Adwords reporting shares valuable insights into consumer behaviors.
  2. SEM provides targeted campaigns
    This is one of the only forms of marketing that can segregate products and services to exact target markets based on region, timing and keyword. Depending on the type of keyword chosen (broad, phrase or exact) the ads can show up for both vague or precise searches, all dependent upon the campaign setup.
  3. SEM provides the ability to test keywords and marketing approaches.
    It is easy to create, pause and modify ads at any point during the campaign. The reporting provides detailed information on how each ad group, ad, keyword and region are performing.
  4. SEM allows for flexibly and seasonality.
    An SEM campaign has the ability to change the focus of the overall ad campaign to coincide with your business needs. Messaging, keywords and ads can be modified to support seasonality, promotions or other business changes and can take effect immediately.
  5. SEM is an effective lead generation tool.
    SEM brings leads directly into your business’s website, or if set up correctly, into a particular landing page. A well-written, properly set up landing page with a clear call-to-action is key to converting a lead. Goal tracking can be set to properly track conversions.
  6. SEM is considered to be a cost effective lead generation method.
    Since the user controls the budget and targeting, SEM can be quite cost effective for the leads it provides if property set up. Remember to consult your reporting and ensure it correlates to your overall business performance.
  7. Search engines are the most popular form of medium used to obtain information.
    Approximately 75% of all product and service inquires have some aspect of search associated with them. It is important to be where potential clients are searching for information.
  8. SEM is a great branding tool.
    Having your brand at the top of search engines (while giving the options to follow through to a landing page) is a great way to create awareness of your brand. It’s important to remember to write great ads that align with your brand and present a strong call-to-action within the ad.

SEM can be a great tool to generate leads, understand your customers and market your business. Have your own reasons for using SEM? Join the conversation below. Also, feel free to contact us with any SEM or digital marketing questions that you may have.