Experts say that there are two ways to drive targeted traffic to your website: free traffic which consists of organic traffic and the paid traffic via ads.

If you need instant quality traffic, running a PPC campaign is your best bet.

It isn’t easy to set up and run a profitable ad campaign; designing an ad that converts is one big challenge.

The guide below will help you design better ads that convert and deliver exceptional results.

1. Powerful headline

Whether you’re designing an ad for Facebook, AdWords, or any other ad network, the headline is the most critical part. Why?

Because the attention span online is under 8 seconds; this means you have 8 seconds to grab the attention of your audience.

If your headline is powerful enough, you’ll make readers read your CTA. Statistics show that 90% of people who read your headline also read the CTA.

Headlines play a pivotal role in the ad design, so make it compelling. Here are a few tips to write an awesome headline for your ads.

  • Use numbers and stats
  • Make a promise
  • Use power words (more on this coming soon)
  • Use simple language
  • Ask a question
  • Create urgency

2. Use call-to-action

A CTA (call-to-action) tells readers what action they’re supposed to take after reading the content. Not everyone knows they have to click the ad after they have read it.

You have to clearly mention what they should do. Every ad that you design should have a powerful CTA. Click here, click for more information, and find out more, are a few most common CTAs that you can use.

But don’t limit yourself to these ones; be creative and test different CTA types.

Content Verve increased their CTR by 90% when the switched the CTA to the first person from Start your free 30-day trial to Start my free 30-day trial.

Here are a few tips to write powerful CTAs in your ads.

  • Provoke emotions
  • Keep it simple
  • Make it short
  • Be creative and think out-of-the-box
  • Keep it prominent

3. Choose right image

If you’re designing a banner ad or an ad for Facebook, the image you choose should be catchy and must stand out. Don’t take images for granted.

The image you choose can make or break your ad.

The right image is one that is prominent, consistent with your ad copy, visually pleasing, and has the potential to grab attention.

Test different images and see what works best. There is no formula to find the best image for an ad. It all comes down to what resonates with your audience.

4. Use power words

Power words are must for any ad. These are the words that evoke an emotional response in your target audience. The use of power words in ad copy will help you connect with the audience at emotional level and that’s where they cannot resist clicking.

Free, trial, discount, beware, bomb, caution, warning, fool, and mistake are a few power words among several others that you should consider using.

Use power words smartly. Don’t overuse or they might backfire.

Designing an ad that converts has a lot to do with A/B testing. Keep testing and tweaking your ads to find the best fit.