Consumers have more choices and are more in control than ever when it comes to finding information about a business or organization. With digital, social, and print still being an integral part of marketing, it’s important to have a multi-pronged approach to get greater market reach.

Some businesses prefer to remain entirely digital, others prefer print advertising, and the most successful use a combination of all channels of communication – including social media. If you are focusing on one medium, you are closing the door to a segment of customers or prospective buyers.

The following is our best marketing practices that can be implemented into your own marketing plan.

All Marketing Works Together to Build Brand Awareness and Generate Leads

Various forms of advertising should complement one another, so don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Allocate your budget throughout various channels – this offers greater market reach.

In marketing, we spend money to generate action, therefore

  1. Converting visitors into prospects, and
  2. Nurturing those prospects through the sales funnel, and then converting them into sales.

Print Advertising must be Supported by a Measurable Digital Strategy

The key to determining if a specific marketing strategy is successful is to make it measurable. This means adding clear components to the ad that will prompt consumers to take action. Develop a strong value proposition by adding context around your offer.

Ask yourself,

  1. Does it clearly describe, through the images or the copy, the offer; and
  2. Does the consumer have enough information to prompt action?

Single calls to actions are recommended; by adding a specific landing page address [keep it simple], or by providing a unique phone number that the consumer can call will allow you to measure the impact of your marketing.

Modify and Adjust Campaigns when Necessary

Implement and test, adjust when necessary, then implement and test again – allow a sufficient amount of time between adjustments to measure the effectiveness of every campaign.

You should be constantly reviewing initiatives to see if you are generating a return on your investment (ROI) – analytics don’t lie. Digital strategies are easier to track, and print strategies must leverage digital components for measurability, like landing pages or call tracking.

Have you implemented a multi-pronged approach in your marketing? If so, we’d like to hear about it. Comment below to start the conversation.