A LinkedIn company page gives a business an opportunity to promote its products and services, recruit top talent, and share compelling updates. If you have a business, it takes minutes to create a company page — and it’s free.


It was reported on April 30 that LinkedIn has over 350 million members, and 40 percent of those members look at their LinkedIn feed every day. The opportunity for organizational awareness is grand — it only requires a little effort and commitment.

If your consumers are other businesses, investing in a LinkedIn company page is in your best interest. Here’s how to create one.

Write a compelling description

The home page on a LinkedIn Company Page includes a cover photo, company updates, and links to products and services. Take the time to write a great company description. If a member visits your company page, they are already interested — don’t disappoint them with a mediocre summary of your organization.

Furthermore, use keywords, so people can find your page through relevant searches.

Cover image

The company page cover photo appears at the top of the home page. Select a cover photo that is visually dynamic and captures people’s attention, but is consistent with your company’s brand, such as the company logo.

Ask employees to connect with your page

Employees with LinkedIn profiles identify that they work for your company. Once they have identified themselves as an employee, they will be added to your company’s list of employees — visitors can learn more about them, and connect with them individually.

Publish company updates

Leverage your company blog, curated content and post updates to start creating a useful, meaningful, interesting, or entertaining page that your target audience wants to read. A compelling and valuable page is appealing and follow-worthy.

Use featured updates for important content

You can set any published update on your LinkedIn company page as a featured post. By doing so, it is highlighted at the top of the home page of your LinkedIn company page, giving it the visibility that it deserves. This can be done to promote an event, new product, sale, or draw attention to important content.

As previously mentioned, a LinkedIn page takes little time to manage, but requires commitment — keep your page content fresh, useful, meaningful, and interesting to your audience. Ensure it encourages engagement with your connections. This increases success.