Native advertising is an effective way for consumers to discover a new business, product or service – it is less intrusive and a highly successful advertising strategy. It can be described as a subset of content marketing, the practice of using content to build trust and engagement with prospective customers.

On social media, native ads are known as sponsored posts, but what you might not have otherwise known is that publishers offer native advertising to their clients as part of an overall marketing strategy.

“It has been found that the less an advertisement looks like an advertisement, and the more it looks like an editorial, the more readers stop, look and read.” – David Ogilvy

According to eMarketer, native ad spend will grow by 29 percent this year and is projected to climb an additional 19 percent in 2015.

Here are ways that your business, too, can benefit from incorporating native ads into its marketing strategy:

Capture consumer attention

In marketing and advertising, performance metrics are important – they guide marketing efforts – and native advertising offers higher visibility. If your company uses native ads to share content, the engagement with your audience can be significantly higher than any other form of advertising.

Subset of content marketing

The content in native ads should offer useful information or advice on a specific product or service, and not function as just a vehicle for the sponsored message.

The sponsored post should blend into the site without distracting the reader, and should entice a clickthrough with a powerful yet attractive message.


Since native advertising can be disguised as valuable content, the consumer is more likely to share that content with their friends or followers on social networks or email, amplifying a brand’s content and special offers.

Builds relationships

Better engagement and higher shareability creates opportunities for businesses to build relationships with consumers through interaction. When businesses connect their native ad with the media outlet and its target audience, they improve their chances of their content being shared.


Native advertising works well on mobile devices as text links, promoted videos or editorial content. Sponsored posts are hosted on a website’s main content area, and consumers experience it the same way as any other content viewed. It can be deployed across any technological platform – desktop, tablet, or smartphone.


Businesses are not constrained by small text requirements and limited graphics; native advertising allows for a far deeper and richer level of engagement and innovation. With native advertising, there is more opportunity to cover all of the areas of a specific campaign, brand or product launch.

Native ads work best when placed on social media platforms and aggregated news sites – platforms that are built around content. Businesses must be innovative and different in order to attract inquisitive consumers to a brand message.

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