Your customers are making buying decisions every day based on the factor of ‘who comes to mind’, whether it is choosing a restaurant, buying a vehicle, or a designer clothing brand. How do you stay top-of-mind?  Reach and frequency are the two most important factors.

Companies that are top-of-mind have been expertly branded and marketed and have either earned your loyalty or your attention (because you have been receiving their messages on a very frequent basis). This was no accident, these companies have followed a formula of reach + frequency = mind share.

What do you need to do to be top of mind?

  1. Be present: Your customers will rarely make a purchase after learning about you for the first time. Be there on a regular basis with a variety of content and offers.
  2. Be available: We live in a world of information and instant access. Once a prospect engages with you, they will want to learn more. Enhance the way in which your audience finds you and connects with you. This can be by website, blog, videos, social media, SEO and print.
  3. Offer Value: Deliver value rich content such as free information, whitepapers, product guides and problem solving data. You can do this with email marketing, downloadable offers on your website and social media. Create a specific landing page and capture leads to further build your database.
  4. Be Unique: Understand your unique value proposition (UVP) and communicate that to your audience. Your UVP should answer the question – “Why should I do business with you given all the other choices I have available?”
  5. Buzz: Being top-of-mind is about creating buzz and the easiest way to achieve that is by getting people to talk about your brand. Focus attention on creating and maintaining campaigns and you will become the company people recognize and think of first when they need your products or services. Doing so will also provide you with a major competitive advantage and add revenue to your bottom line.

If you consider these tips for creating top of mind awareness, I’m confident you will see results.