While it may seem like navigating the waters of content marketing for B2B is a daunting task, C-ing is believing! Because when it comes to content marketing that works, it all boils down to the 5 C’s:

  • Curate
  • Calibrate
  • Create
  • Circulate
  • Convert

Curating content is easy; curating great content – one that meets your objective – means time and effort is needed. Not all companies have the in-house resources to dedicate the time for that; other companies thrive and deliver to create content that sends the message and delivers results.

Calibrate your content to ensure it is not only interesting, but engaging as well. It is one thing for your customers to read your content, it is another when they take action.

Creating great content does not necessarily mean the content is only delivered in written form; content takes many shapes. Whether getting your message through using social media, books, white paper, etc., the marketing content has to be tailored to your sales strategy.

Circulate your content to the right market at the right time; don’t send out an eblast at the end of the day with a sales pitch to your accounting list. Thinkabout who you need to see the message, and, more importantly, who will be taking action on it.

Conversion may be the most difficult but it is definitely attainable. This final step is where you see you effort paid off – whether you achieve the sales results desired, the social media shares, or you find your company coming up in more conversations than not, you will find the hard work paying off at this step.

Let these 5 C’s steer your content marketing ship. Once you do, it will be smooth sailing ahead.