There’s a momentum building in the agriculture industry, and I sincerely hope it keeps going strong. The sentiment was perfectly summed up in a video released this week by Agriculture More Than Ever. As one of the people who participated in the video so succinctly says, we must be: “Somebody who tells our story before somebody else does.”

alapAnd who is this ‘royal we’? Everyone involved in agriculture – from the field to the office tower and beyond. As the recent CropLife America campaign proclaims it’s time to get #AgLoudAgProud. People in agriculture are notoriously humble about their hard work and accomplishments, but the outlets for agvocates have been steadily growing and with it so has the sharing of great insights and stories. Some initiatives that come to mind are things like:

This list is much longer – and hopefully you have a few of your own to add to the list. But the momentum I speak of doesn’t just end there. I feel like the tables are starting to turn with consumers too. Yes, there will always still be that very vocal person or group that gets their anti opinion out there, but there is a growing list of science and fact-based resources that are talking about agriculture, food production, plant breeding and nutrition in an open and transparent manner.

For example Cornell University just recently launched a mass online open course (anyone with an internet connection can audit the course for free) titled The Science and Politics of the GMO. As the course outline states: The intent is not to influence how people feel about GMOs, but to give them the critical thinking and scientific literacy tools necessary to make informed decisions — and to understand the broader impacts of those decisions.

The Risk Monger posed an interesting perspective on this shift, and I am hopeful that we are both right and the momentum keeps on going. Let all be someone for speaks for agriculture.