Social media is used by all types of businesses, with some 93% of marketers using social media as a tool to promote their business. Both you and your competitors are all using social media to boost sales, increase engagement, and to connect with the audience. But not all businesses get same results.


Because how you use social media makes all the difference.

If your use of social media is not getting you the results you were hoping for, the following proven social media strategies will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

1. Create a community

Social media works best when you create a community of your followers where they can interact, ask questions, share information, etc. Think of a private Facebook group for your customers where they can share all types of content related to your products, reviews, get instant customer support, and so on.

A community is the best way to convert followers into brand ambassadors.

2. Publish consistently

Do you know statistics show that you have to publish at least one post on Facebook every day to keep your followers engaged, and at least 15 tweets per day on Twitter?

If you don’t, you may lose some followers, as this is what they expect.



3. Use multimedia

Text doesn’t perform as well as images and videos on social media. Videos outperform any other media type on Facebook.

Depending on the social network you’re using, you need to make sure you’re posting the right content type. For instance, stories perform exceptionally well on Instagram.

Images and videos generally do a lot better than text on any social network, including Twitter. So, keep posting videos, GIFs, images, audio, and other types of engaging content.

4. Use chatbots

Chatbot marketing is growing rapidly. It is expected to be a $1.23 billion industry by 2025.

Chatbots make your life easier as they can help you automate your social media marketing. A chatbot can communicate with your customers, answer queries, and can resolve problems. The best part, customers love interacting with chatbots and they perceive chatbots to be helpful, according to a survey.

5. Use customized content

Don’t publish the exact same post across all social media accounts. Create customized unique posts for each social network.

For instance, for one single post you should craft a 200-word unique piece for Facebook, write a short blurb on Twitter, and for Instagram, use an image.

Customized content keeps users engaged; if a user is following you on multiple social networks, they will see different posts carrying the same message.

6. Stick to lesser-known social networks

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Instagram are too mainstream. If you’re on these social networks, that’s great.

But it isn’t enough.

There are several infamous social networks, and you need to focus on them as well. You need to know your target audience and what platforms they are using.




7. Engage instead of selling

People use social networks to socialize and interact with family and friends. This is what you should do. Don’t try to sell.

Help, educate, and engage with your audience.

This is what works.

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