Good morning. Here are the social media for marketing news that you need to know to start your week.

Twitter and Foursquare Partner to Include Location Tagging in Tweets
Twitter has announced that users can add a location to their tweets to give their precise or general location using Foursquare. It can also include precise locations such as a specific business, landmark, or point of interest.

Twitter Tests Auto-Replay Video
Twitter is testing autoplay video ads. Users will see full-length videos in their newsfeeds, others will get a six-second preview. The video won’t play with sound until the user clicks on it.

New Facebook Tools for Marketers
Facebook announced new tools for marketers: Blueprint, Learn How, and ad copy cheat sheet for agencies, large brands, and small businesses, respectively.

Facebook Introduces Businesses on Messenger
Messenger introduced a new platform ‘Businesses on Messenger’, meant to enhance communication and interaction between people and businesses.

Embedding Facebook Videos to Websites is Now Possible
The new update will allow Facebook users to host videos on their website, eliminating the need for YouTube.

Periscope App is Released
Periscope has launched an independent live-streaming video app, Periscope, now available for download in the Apple Store.