According to an Interactive Advertising Bureau [IAB] report, mobile display advertising reached a landmark of $15.1 billion in 2014, outpacing search for the first time.

Global figures for mobile advertising revenue show it surged 64.8 percent to $31.9 billion (€23.9 billion) in 2014.

The figure is made up of these regional shares:

  • North America: 44.9%
  • Asia-Pacific: 36.5%
  • Europe: 16.6%
  • Middle East and Africa: 1.2%
  • Latin America: 0.8%


Growth year-over-year was led by North America, which saw a 76.8 percent leap over the 2013 figures.

“Mobile yet again proves to be key to the continual evolution of the online advertising market. These numbers have been underpinned by the industry coming together to collaborate and create improvements to mobile advertising infrastructure,” said Daniel Knapp, director advertising research, IHS. “Technology is now better explained, measurement is improving, and targeting is better aligned with other media to help advertisers reach and engage with their audiences.”

The IAB Defines Mobile Advertising Formats:

  • Display: Any display advertising viewed or read on a mobile phone including rich media and video advertising. This could be browser-based as well as in-app.
  • Search: Advertising appearing on specific word requests on search engines, viewed on a mobile device.
  • SMS/MMS: Third-party ads in SMS and outbound SMS only – this includes advertising either within the body copy of an SMS / MMS message, or outbound messaging.

Download the full report, here.